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Ron 'Boss' Everline

Announcing the latest member of our leadership team, Chief Fitness & Business Ambassador Ron ‘Boss’ Everline!

Boss has been an integral member of the XTEND family for 6+ years, making personal fitness and entrepreneurship his life’s work. His vision, motivation, hustle, and passion for C4 will help foster continued growth and elevate the XTEND brand.

Ron "Boss" Everline has made personal fitness and training his life's work. He attended Northwest Missouri State University on a full athletic football scholarship in pursuit of his football dreams. Boss' natural next step was starting training programs that have grown into the brand, "Total Player LLC" an umbrella company he created to introduce luxury health and fitness. Just- Train Inc, is an extension of this brand and a rapidly growing fitness brand with a recently launched a new 28-day workout program and has two gyms across the US.


Since a young age, Janet's always loved an active lifestyle. After her high school years of soccer and cheerleading, Janet discovered her passion to learn about the body and nutrition while obtaining her nursing degree. Eventually crossing paths with the bikini division in the world of bodybuilding, she decided to challenge herself and compete.

"I began a new journey. Starting out knowing nothing about training or dieting - I wanted to learn anything and everything about fitness."

Fast forward to 2021, and Janet is the #1 ranked Bikini athlete on the planet.

"As I climbed the ranks in my fitness journey, using only the best performance supplements has become a must. I quickly noticed that many of the top athletes in the world are using Cellucor products, so I just knew I had to try them."


Right now my focus is to defend my title as Ms, Bikini Olympia, and remain one of the top bikini competitors in the world. More so, it is always my duty to keep inspiring others and help them along their fitness journey. Times are crazy different and extremely challenging these days, but one thing we have control over is how we treat our health and wellness. Keeping that a priority in life helps me stay not only motivated but also committed and dedicated to the process.


Through my years of experience in fitness, I’m in a place where I want to carry on the knowledge to my family, friends, and others who are seeking to better themselves. With many years of attending and competing in fitness shows, I’m so grateful to be at a place of opportunity. Currently I am putting on my own fitness event called Battle of the Bodies, an NPC National Qualifier and IFBB Pro Bikini championship event! So many people have been a part of my journey and witnessed the many accomplishments I’ve achieved - and now I’m able to give back to be a part of other people’s fitness journey.

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Brittany Ann

IFBB Bikini Pro Brittany Ann has been an athlete for most of her life. Growing up, she was involved in dance, gymnastics, karate, ballet, cheerleading… you name it, she did it. But during her teen years, Brittany lost interest in sports due to her physical insecurities, saying “my skinny body and extra bones (non-cancerous tumors) that protruded out made me feel insecure. My insecurities eventually kept me from participating in sports simply because I didn’t want to wear shorts.”

Brittany Ann underwent surgery in college, and it was then that her passion for fitness and her self-love journey was born. Numerous friends suggested that Brittany enter bikini competitions, but the thought of walking in front of hundreds of strangers scared her.

In 2018 she finally decided to compete, and immediately fell in love. “Competing gave me goals to work towards and strengthened my confidence in my own body.”

In 2019 Brittany Ann competed once more, and won the entire show. That moment gave her the final push she needed to fully commit to her dreams, and she decided to leave her teaching career to pursue fitness full-time. “It was the best thing I could have done! While things have not always been perfect, I wouldn’t change this experience for anything. I’ve gained so much knowledge about myself, and my goal is to always give back to others and help them in their life's journey. I’m still teaching in a sense, and I’m excited to see where this road leads me.”

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What are your credentials?

I have completed 32 pro fights—11 of them being with the UFC now. I was the ring of combat bantamweight champion and the World Cup of MMA champion. I’ve won 4 performance / fight of the night bonuses with the UFC as well. 

How did you get started in MMA?

Originally, I was a big fan of the sport. I was always an athlete and this MMA gym opened up the next town over and it was perfect timing as I was fantasizing about getting into the sport.

I joined that gym and ended up getting my first fight after two months of training. After I won by TKO, I was hooked. Soon afterwards, I dedicated my time to getting better and pursuing MMA as a professional.

After moving to Ithaca, I lived in the gym for a year and a half, training hard with a pro team to try to make my dream happen to get into the UFC eventually.

How do you stay motivated during tough times?

I stay motivated by keeping focused and staying in my routine. I try my best to not let outside factors that I cannot control affect me. Instead, I focus on changing what I can to make me a better athlete and person. 

What are some of your personal and fitness goals?

My goal is to be the best MMA fighter I can be, to have a long, healthy career with the UFC, and to eventually help other aspiring fighters get to where they want to go. 

I want to figure out some things to do post-fighting like working the desk at ESPN, breaking down fights—and potentially being a commentator for a fight promotion. Also, I’m continuing to build my podcast called the “Boom Breakdown,” where I talk about current events and fight analysis when it comes to MMA and UFC.

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