Everyone knows that intense training is a tightrope walk between stimulating gains and breaking yourself down and getting sick. The more razor-sharp your conditioning the closer you are to that precipice of overtraining. Endurance athletes walk this fine line more than most, due to the extreme physiological stress from their high-volume and intense training. Some studies have come out recently which show that the combination of nutrients in XTEND Endurance can help keep athletes healthy by combatting the immunosuppressive effects of long-distance training. A study published in Medicine And Science in Sports and Exercise evaluated the blood levels of two groups of male triathletes who raced in an Olympic distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run.) The first group consumed a BCAA-rich beverage after the event while the second group drank a placebo. In the days following the race the BCAA group experienced a 33.8 percent lower incidence of illness and infection. Another recent study, published in the scientific journal Nutrients, performed a meta-analysis of 66 studies that examined the roles of post-exercise nutrients and the immune system. It found clear evidence that intra- and post-training carbohydrate intake is an effective approach to maintaining immune system function during periods of heavy training. This is most likely due to the way that carbs can blunt the stress hormone response from exercise. XTEND Endurance was created to be the next evolutionary step in fueling long-distance athletes, combining the proven tactic of replacing glycogen with the muscle promoting and energizing effects of BCAAs. The fact that the cutting-edge ingredients in the formula can keep your training on point by keeping sickness at bay is just one more reason to add XTEND Endurance to your bike bottle.