Here's PSYCHO It's time to get insane in the muscle membrane Scivation is proud to release its latest offering, a certifiable pre-workout Hurricane Godzilla formula we simply call Psycho. With a three-step process that primes your muscles and focuses your mind, Psycho makes every workout a special occasion. Mind, set, rageOver the last few years, the pre-workout supplement market has become a stimulant race with manufacturers jamming more and more caffeine/guarana/yerba mate into a single dose. We love caffeine (who doesn't?) but too much of a good thing can be hard to tolerate. That's why we decided to take the path less travelled. Psycho takes a holistic approach to generating and sustaining intensity. Mentally, muscularly, and neurologically, it helps you make the change from mild-mannered professional to Viking Rage Monster. We won't say that Psycho will make you anti-social, but we think you'll be doing a lot more lifting and a lot less talking in the gym from now on. Scivation Psycho Stages Available in Ragin' Punch and Apple Asylum flavor, Psycho rolls out its transformative affects in stages. It's like the way Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk, but without the purple pants.
Stage 1: Vasodilating agents create superhighways to your cells, providing insane muscle pumps and visible increases in vascularity while it stamps the passports of the muscle-boosting agents that come next
Stage 2: With front-of-the-line VIP access granted from the supplement blend in Stage 1, the next evolution unleashes a flood of strength-enhancing agents. Creatine, taurine, beta-alanine, and more boost strength and stamina, helping you push more weight for more reps.
Stage 3: Intensity is the key to changing your physique, which brings us to the game-changing Possessed Cognitive Blend of ingredients. A small hit of caffeine along with some cutting edge botanicals impart a keen search-and-destroy focus for the duration of your workout.
Cray-cray. Bucknutty. Ridonkulous. Call it what you want. If you need to adjust your attitude from lifting weights to attacking weights, then you need to go Psycho. Psycho will be available at a retailer near you in August of 2013.