Name: Stephen Hill Hometown: Dallas, Texas Age: 25 Height: 5'10" Current Weight: 184 pounds Heaviest Weight: 328 pounds It was August 24th, 2013, and Stephen Hill was breathing so heavily he needed to sit down. He wasn't in the gym, or in the middle of a triathlon, he was in the shoe department of Target. A mild bit of browsing with his wife had left the 24 year-old completely exhausted. "I was huffing and puffing and a light bulb clicked on. I thought: I need to lose 100 pounds right now," says Hill. A trip to the doctor confirmed everything Hill knew deep down: High cholesterol. Borderline diabetes. Blood pressure off the charts. The weight had crept up on Hill slowly. He had grown up skinny but in high school a combination of asthma and the steroids he took to treat it conspired to cut back on his activity and coerce his body to hold onto every ounce of fat he gained. Growing up in a Southern household that served "fried soul-food seven days a week," and dessert after every meal, didn't help either. When Hill was 18 years old, he managed to lose a significant amount of weight by binging on fat-burners and cardio, but he quickly ballooned back up. After experiencing his moment of clarity in the flip-flop aisle of Target, he knew that he had to do it differently. "This time I decided to take a scientific approach," he says. "I work in IT and I am a numbers person. I began to learn about macronutrients and how much my body needs. I learned a whole lot about nutrition in this process and that has been the best thing for me." After a ton of research and some self-experimentation, Hill devised a flexible dieting plan similar to IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) that jives with his work schedule, home life, and some stomach issues that have plagued him since he was young. The result? He has lost almost 150 pounds in just nine months. Hill's body has benefited from his curious mind and gritty work ethic, but he credits two external factors for aiding his remarkable transformation. In fact, he is quick to give his wife more credit for his success than himself. "I hate to brag, but I have the best wife," says Hill. "That day I realized I needed to make a change, we held hands and she said, "Let's do this.' She has been 100 percent with me along the way. It has been a blessing. She does food prep with me on Sundays, helping me measure my food out and pour it out. I could not have done this without her." The second factor that made his weight loss journey easier was Scivation XTEND. After reading about the benefits of BCAAs in an article on, Hill ordered a 30-serving tub of XTEND. It was love at first taste. "I got addicted to the taste, but then I noticed that I would drink it between meals and it would keep me from getting hungry," says Hill. "The main thing was that I was recovering like five times faster after training. I'd be able to do a hard workout, take a day, and then do another super hard workout. It has helped me feel so much better." XTEND improved Hill's recovery so much he shifted from a basic upper-body/lower-body program to a more ambitious split routine of four days in the gym and two days of cardio. He typically drinks three to four servings of XTEND a day, beginning first thing in the morning. He'll often blend it with ice to make a slushie in order to beat the Texas heat, or mix it into Jell-O or frozen yogurt. Just a few months ago, Hill considered quitting his job because walking up stairs and moving computer gear was so difficult for him. Today, Hill is planning on entering his first NPC Men's Physique contest and can barely imagine a physical challenge that would intimidate him. "I ran eight miles yesterday, just because I felt like running eight miles," he says. "My life has changed in a way I never thought it would. It has been so good for me."