By: Team XTEND

We recently caught up with phenom athlete, fierce Games competitor, lady-boss role model, and all-around badass Brooke Wells about her plans for the holidays. Check out this casual Q&A to pick up some of Brooke's favorite training and nutrition tips for the season!

Team XTEND: Do you train during the holidays?

Brooke: This year, I won’t be as super-strict with my training as I normally would be because the Open is happening at a different time. Even so, on Christmas morning, I'll probably go for a casual run because I know the whole day is going to spend sitting around and eating. I actually enjoy getting some of that energy out because I would be super anxious if I sat around all day.

So, at the least, I’ll go for a run in the morning, and then I can enjoy time with my family the rest of the day!

What’s your diet like during the holidays?

I try to maintain a good diet leading up to the holidays and then indulge for one specific meal. I don’t wake up Christmas morning and start off with pastries and stuff.

I’ll try to have smaller meals mainly consisting of protein throughout the day, because I know the unhealthy stuff is lower in protein and higher in fat and carbs. So, I usually spend the day keeping full of lean proteins, and then I can be free for that last meal. 

What's your favorite holiday indulgence?                                                  

As far as sweets go, my aunt makes these Oreo cream cheese balls. Those are my absolute favorite! I can eat a whole tray. Most of the time, I try to gravitate toward the healthier meal options, but sweet potato casserole is definitely my go-to holiday meal.

How does traveling impact your fitness during the holidays?

Thankfully, I only have travel two hours for the holidays. It’s a drive for me, which is better than having to fly, but I think it's possible to make fitness a priority either way.

You don’t need any equipment to go for a jog. I also have a bike rig that's pretty small and can fit in the back of my car—I have a Toyota 4Runner. I’ll prob pack that up this year so I have it in case I want to do something like that.

I also recommend grabbing little things like dumbbells and putting them in your car. They're easy to pack and help ensure you get in a workout.

What’s the best type of workout?

I suggest doing something high intensity because it takes less time, meaning you'll have more time to spend with your family. And high-intensity workouts keep calories burning for a while, not just during the workout.

I would definitely suggest incorporating weights into your holiday workouts if you have the chance. Since most of us will be indulging in more food than normal, it's a great idea to put those calories to work by lifting.  

How do you balance a social life at home during the holidays without getting off track?

I’ve been doing this—training and competing at a high level—for six years now, so people are starting to understand. But it was a little uncomfortable at first. You might almost feel a little rude if you're opting out of eating the "bad stuff" every single meal, but it's all about saving those indulgences for when you want them.

Having protein powder around helps. That way, if there aren't healthy options available at mealtimes, you can at least make your own protein shake. Having healthy snacks and supplements that are easy to travel with really helps.  

Do you have any favorite holiday protein recipes using XTEND Pro?

The main thing I do is put it in my oatmeal, which I love, but I haven’t really made many big desserts with it. I know one recipe that's really simple: take one can of pumpkin, one box of spice cake mix, and add protein powder. That's really easy and delicious! I'm also looking forward to adding protein to my signature pumpkin muffins, which I make a lot for my family.