Scivation is eager to announce a seminar with world-renown protein expert Dr. Layne "BioLayne" Norton, to be held at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH on February 28. The theme of this seminar is "Maximizing Muscle-Building Meals" and will cover the complete mechanisms of the food-muscle connection, including vital nutrients for growth; optimal synergies and dosing; and a rundown of the most effective supplements for muscular development. After the one-hour presentation, attendees will be given the rare opportunity to participate in a 30min Q&A session with Dr. Norton. A long-time friend of Scivation, and recently named as one of the most influential people in health and fitness, Dr. Norton has garnered a massive following of muscle enthusiasts who appreciate his combination of academic achievement and legitimate conquests in the worlds of powerlifting and natural bodybuilding. Norton may be best known as a body transformation expert and a highly sought-after preparation coach for professional bodybuilders all over the world. Dr_Norton_posterEach person attending the "Maximizing Muscle-Building Meals" seminar will receive a limited-edition Scivation gym bag with samples of XTEND and Psycho, the new pre-workout formula. Live sampling of the latest flavors of Scivation XTEND will also be available at the event. So come hear one of the industry's sharpest minds crack the code of using food to fuel muscle growth. Hurry, space is limited. Information:
What: Maximizing Muscle Building Meals with Layne Norton, PhD When: 1:00 PM; Friday, February 28 (Doors open at 12:30 PM) Where: Fairfield Room, Second Floor, Hyatt Regency Columbus (connected to the Greater Columbus Convention Center) Price: Presale Tickets are no longer avaialble. Tickets will be sold at the door $30 (cash only). First come first serve. Doors open at 12:30pm