Help For Hard Training The research to support beta-alanine keeps stacking up. The amino acid is one of the active ingredients in Scivation's pre-workout booster Psycho and recent research shows that it has a profound effect on intense exercise. The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism published the results of a study in which researchers took several highly trained runners and tested them in two races of 800 meters (two laps around a track.). The subjects then supplemented with beta-alanine for 28 days and raced again. The beta-alanine had a remarkable impact especially on the second lap. The runners dropped an average of almost four seconds over the 800 meters, which is a very long time in in sprint events. Even the scientists admit to being surprised by the improvement. Subjects in the study took approximately six grams of beta-alanine a day. To replicate these results for yourself, you will need to round out the beta-alanine found in Psycho with one to two doses of a standalone beta-alanine product, dividing your intake up throughout the day.