xtendsive_vocab0 THE PRACTICAL USES FOR XTEND JUST KEEP GROWING AND GROWING When XTEND, a highly-drinkable and effective BCAA formulation, was first introduced it represented a brand new sport supplement category as well as an overlooked anabolic nutrition strategy. As intra-workout supplementation became more and more common, the uses for XTEND became broader and broader. Bodybuilders mix it in gallon water jugs and sip on it all day long. Female physique athletes will use it as much to quell a carb craving as to blunt catabolism. With its carefree, sugar-free formula and great taste, it seems like there is never a wrong time to swirl up some XTEND. As we've heard more and more stories from fans of XTEND, we dug deeper into the research and found that XTEND is even more versatile than we thought. Check out these surprising scenarios when reaching for a tall glass of XTEND can be the best thing you can do for your body.xtendsive_vocab AFTER A DAY IN THE SUN After a long day at the beach or music festival you are most likely dehydrated, depleted, and sunburned. A 16-ounce glass of water mixed with two scoops of XTEND not only replaces fluids and electrolytes it can also help that burn. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that immediate intake of BCAAs post burn resulted in improvements in protein catabolism. Other studies found no improvement with BCAA supplementation in burn victims, but in all of those cases there was a long (too long) period between the burn and introduction of BCAAs. DURING A FAST The Intermittent Fasting (IF) craze rages on. What was once a fringe practice is now practically mainstream. Almost every IF expert recommends a BCAA product while doing an IF, especially if you plan to train near the end of your non-eating window. Since insulin is the enemy of fasting, ruining the growth hormone spike that occurs 12-14 hours in, carb-free sugar-free XTEND is the perfect BCAA solution to help preserve muscle and provide energy when you have gone without calories for a sustained period. POST-SURGERY Whether you are getting your appendix taken out or implants put it, even the most minor surgical procedure represents a significant stress to your body. The Annals of Surgery published research that described 35 patients who received varying levels of BCAA supplementation post-surgery. The group that had the highest intake of BCAAs lost the least amount of weight over the duration of their hospital stay. xtendsive_vocab2AFTER HAVING A FEW TOO MANY, TOO OFTEN You wake up and your head is hurting, your mouth is dry, and yourwallet is empty. Yep, you're hungover. Thirty-two ounces of XTEND is just what the doctor ordered, especially since you're probably dehydrated and your metabolism has been running on hops and barley for the last 12 hours. Interestingly, a study from The Journal of Nutrition showed that BCAAs can stimulate liver activity and promote regeneration of the organ. Just because you had nine Captain and Diet Cokes one night doesn't mean you permanently damaged yourself, but after a night like that a little love for your liver can't hurt. WHILE TRAINING IN THE HEAT Researchers from the Department of Exercise Science, at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Canada, studied the effect of BCAAs on endurance athletes competing in hot temperatures "Men and women who were given BCAAs were able to train for longer before becoming exhausted" than those given a placebo. (If you are training for over an hour in a performance-based sport, make sure to try XTEND Endurance.)
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