There are two fundamental truths about human existence. 1) It is never smart to mess with a good thing. 2) Sometimes, you can't help but long for something different. These two dueling maxims have brought down whole civilization but are finally joined in harmony with bold new flavors of XTEND. Mango Nectar and Strawberry Kiwi are the most recent additions to the XTEND family. The scientifically proven XTEND formula remains the same - sugar-free, calories-free 2:1:1 formula of BCAAs, combined with glutamine, citrulline malate, and a proprietary electrolyte blend that provides the best intra-workout support possible - but the new clean and refreshing flavors will bring some cool relief to your hot-weather training this summer. Look for Strawberry Kiwi and Mango Nectar XTEND to hit store shelves in the United States and Australia in mid-July.