The Scivation TeamOn March 1, I flew to Columbus, Ohio to help manage the Scivation booth at the Arnold Sports Festival. I think the operative word for the weekend would be "busy." Here is what I like about Scivation: no one is too good to get their hands dirty. All weekend, the guys who actually run the company were unloading product and handing out samples in-between meetings. Everyone was working. This was my second trip to the Arnold, and it was different for me than last year's event. I turned pro in the last 12 months, so I got a lot more attention than I expected. When it comes to bodybuilding, the Arnold is all about the NPC and IFBB, but a ton of natural bodybuilders and fans are there too. At one point, I was talking to a guy who I am a fan of, when someone walked up and said they were a fan of mine! That was weird. Ryan Doris and Layne NortonAt the Scivation booth, we were handing out samples of the new Scivation Whey, and the feedback was pretty amazing. People kept asking me if we mixed the vanilla whey with milk, because it tasted so good. Fans were coming back for seconds and thirds. I personally loaded ten 5-pound cans of whey into our sampling machine in one day. I think we went through about 160 pounds of protein powder over the weekend. And we were handing out 1-ounce cups! The best thing about the Arnold is the people watching. You get so many fitness freaks at that show. My favorites are the East Coast guys. They wear the cut-off shirts and the gold chains and would walk right up to the Scivation booth, and be like, "Yo, I never heard of you. I never heard of this product. Who are you?" I love those guys! Scivation GirlsThe women at the expo are insane, too. The first couple girls you see are so fit you have to stare. But by Sunday, you become totally jaded. If someone isn't in the most ridiculous over-the-top-shape, you don't even turn your head. I think out of all the girls I saw that weekend, Scivation's own Monica Escalante looked the best. By the time I left, I was practically in love! She looks fantastic. But what do you expect from an Olympia-level competitor? We were so busy all weekend, I only had time to sneak in one workout. I went to a gym called Metro Fitness. Every ultra-jacked dude who was in town for the Arnold was there. It had been a long time since I was the small guy in the gym. I saw some girls there who had better abs than me! I am not used to that. If you have never been to the Arnold, you have to come at least once. I don't know how they do it, but it gets bigger and crazier every year.