Lately, the mainstream media has fallen in love with reporting on the trend of white collar types meeting at the gym to discuss business instead of at the bar In the last few years the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Yahoo News have all reported on the trend that's been dubbed "sweatworking." At Scivation we are all for people hitting the gym instead of Happy Hour. Better to get ripped than S-Faced. But to make it sound like Manhattan PR reps meeting for a Zumba class is a revolutionary concept is just ridiculous. Scivation was built a decade ago in conversations that took place between sets at the squat rack. We didn't call it "sweatworking," we called it "busting our ass at the gym and talking about stuff we love." Where was the HuffPo writer then? "Sweatworking" is clever, though. I guess we should have come up with a catchier name for our meetings than "Leg Day."