Daytime TV and Scivation   It turns out that Scivation and Dr. Oz - the daytime TV health guru and famous rider of Oprah's coattails - agree on one thing: green coffee bean extract is a kick-ass fat-burner. Our newly reformulated thermogenic Dialene contains a precise and efficacious amount of green coffee bean extract (standardized to 45%), something that Dr. Oz has been preaching on his show as well. In fact, a lot of doctors think green coffee bean extract works pretty well. A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled controlled study conducted at the University of Scranton, PA, found that subjects who took green coffee bean extract significantly reduced their body fat and body mass index and even lowered their resting heart rate, even though they did not change their diet. Essentially, they continued to eat like crap but took green coffee bean extract and they still lost fat. (Imagine the results if they had some Scivation Whey and actually worked out a little bit?) Green coffee bean extract is just one of the active ingredients in Dialene, but it shows that Scivation continues to seek out the most effective and science-based ingredients on Earth. Next, we are going to see what Ellen thinks should be in our new pre-workout supplement.