CrossFit and Supplements   Everyone knows someone who does CrossFit. It used to be that CrossFit were those guys who did weird cheater pull-ups and said odd stuff like, "What's your Fran time?" But the Sport of Fitness has grown so pervasive that things like kipping pull-ups and benchmark workouts have become pretty normal. We think CrossFit is a cool sport. The athletes work hard and many of them - ¬†men and women -¬†are strong as hell. Outside of fish oil, CrossFit'ers typically tend to stay away from supplements. We bet that is going to change. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research recently published a study about beta-alanine, which is featured in Scivation's new pre-workout formula Psycho. Unlike many experiments, which look at untrained subjects or at athletes performing steady-state cardio, this study examined collegiate wrestlers and football players, athletes who train in a high-intensity interval-based fashion, much like CrossFit workouts. The subjects were split into two groups, with one taking beta-alanine while the other group was given a placebo. After eight weeks, the beta-alanine group showed improved performance in such physical challenges as a 300-yard shuttle run and a timed flexed-arm hang. Additionally, the athletes who took beta-alanine added more lean mass and experienced better blood lactate profiles than the athletes who were given the placebo.